We are Helene and Dan Payton.  In April of 2016 we bought our 2016 F350  XLT truck with a 6.7 L turbo charged diesel engine and a fifth wheel hitch. We had been looking for about 6 months before we decided on what RV we wanted. Unfortunately, by the time we picked the model we wanted they were all sold out.  The dealer had to order us one. So we waited. In June of 2016 we received our 2017 Crusader 260RLD fifth wheel, went to a campground near the dealer for a few days to check out the RV to make sure all was in order. It was and we took our new RV home, about 220 miles away.

We spent the next two months closing our business we had run for the past 21 years, clearing out our home of 31 years and our office of 12 years, cleaning and fixing up the RV the way we wanted it and filled it with all the things we hadn’t gotten rid of. We are now RETIRED…

The end of August we took our first trip. All of 25 miles from our home. Spent a week camping in our new RV. LOVED it and have lived in it ever since.

Our daughter and her family now live in our home and are taking care of the property until it sells.

  • A little about us
    We have two dogs. Shadow is a Newfoundland/Lab mix (we think). She is 16+ and 75 lbs. Zeke is a Basenji mix (we think) and is about 11 and 50+ lbs. They both love to travel, but do limit some of the things we can do. Especially Shadow, being a senior citizen.  Helene loves to cross-stitch and sew, hike & bike and relax. Dan loves to play disc golf, he hikes, bikes, is a computer geek and likes to relax too. We both love to geocache, explore the places we visit, meet new people and visit with family and friends on our route.

We like to limit our travel days to no more than 250 miles when possible and try to stay in one place for at least 3 to 4 days. One to two weeks is even better (more time to play and explore).

That’s about it. For now.